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Latgauri is a fantastic natural destination for the tourist at Jalpaiguri district of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a small town which is located outside the Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. This place is the prime example of beauty and charms, the visitors can experience the natural habitat and see the other wild creatures blessed by the God. It is the gateway of entering both Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, the two of the most popular tourist attracting destinations in Dooars.

Lataguri is a well-known spot in Northeast, India for its richness in dense forest and riverine grassland. The unimaginable calmness of the area and memories of the wildlife will be a moment to remember for the visitors at Lataguri. They can also get all the information about the flora and fauna of Lataguri with the help of "Nature Interpretation Center" located at the village. There are adequate restaurants and hotels facilities for the tourists at Lataguri.

Jhalong / Bindu

Jhalong and Bindu are the two wonderful valleys at Dooars to enjoy the unseen views of nature. This two beautiful offbeat destination is situated next to each other.

Jhalong is famously known as 'Jaldhaka', it is where Jhalong River has merged with Jaldhaka River. Bindu is the last village before the route of Bhutan, it is about 6km away from the Jhalong Valley, Bindu Dam is one of the main attractions of this area.

Both Jhalong and Bindu are amazing places to spend the holidays. The visitors can enjoy the adventurous activities like Hiking, Bird Watching, Short Trekking towards Todey-Tangta and Angling.


Samsing is a small village which is located at an altitude of 3000 ft in the foothills between Jalpaiguri district and borders of Darjeeling district. It has become a very famous tourist destination in recent times, most of the visitors love to visit Samsing to see the mountain ranges of Bhutan and enjoy it's cold and fog weather. This place is largely filled with stunning landscapes of tea gardens, green hills, forests and villages.


This scenic place is gifted with a glittering stream or river which adds to the beauty of this amazing place, the Murti River which has been a very famous tourist destination in recent times. There are many adventurous and sightseeing facilities near the beautiful Murti River. The visitors can find many Hotels and Resorts near the river. The scenic landscape of this river makes people visit this place next time again. The visitors can enjoy the bath in and enjoy the picnic at Murti River.


The Chilapata forest is dense forest in Dooars, which is just a few minutes away from Hasimara town (a small town in Alipurduar district). It is a very famous destination for the tourist as the forest is the main elephant corridor between Jaldapara National Park and the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Every year a new species are found in Chilapata Forest. In the past, the forest had a large population of Rhinoceros but now Rhinos are very rare due to a large number of hunting in the forest. "Nalraja Garh", or fort of the Nal kings, is one of the main attraction for the visitors in the Chilapata Forest. Activities like Tonga rides and boating in the Bania River can be enjoyed by the visitors in this area.


Rajabhatkhawa is a small town in Alipurduar district of West Bengal, India. It is a place which is surrounded by the gift of nature. It is situated just outside the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the entry towards the Buxa Tiger Reserve is permitted through this town. According to the Legends of that area, the name Rajabhatkhawa means 'the place where the King had a meal'. So this area is very popular among tourist to witness the exclusive beauty of nature, surrounded by Greenland.


Jayanti which is also known as the "Queen of Dooars”, is the untouched destination in Dooars. It is a beautiful area surrounded by the forest, which is close to the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve. The visitors of the Buxa Tiger Reserve never miss visiting Jayanti for adding freshness in the soul. The breathtaking sound of the Jayanti River and the views of the green forests, sounds of birds is a perfect destination for your holiday trip. Both Pokhri and Buxa fort can be reached through a trek from the forest. Mahakal Mandir and Sati path can also be visited from Jayanti.

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